Dr. Times Clock Repair is devoted to bringing our customers high quality repairs on all types of clocks at prices which are often lower than our competitors.  After 40+ years in the business, we’ve learned the average repair customer wants 2 things:  For the clock to be repaired correctly and back home in a reasonable timeframe.  We are devoted to delivering on both of these fronts.  Our customers can rest assured that when their special timepiece is examined (free of charge) by our expert horologist, the diagnosis of the problem will be correct, and any subsequent work shall be undertaken in an expert, caring and professional manner.  We are also proud of our turn around time.  Many of our repairs are finished within 180 days of the customers “go ahead”, then are quickly sent back home where they belong (we offer FREE pick-up and delivery for local repairs), ready to bring comfort & joy to their owner(s) for years to come.

     No job is too big or too small.  We are able to take a small desk or wall clock of almost any size and replace the original battery or electric movement with a new quartz movement, meaning its time keeping accuracy will be within 1/100th of a second on a daily basis, and most of these are done with a 48 hour turn around time and a bill which is around $29.00.  We are also able to take an antique Herschede 9-tube chiming grandfather clock movement (commonly known as the most difficult and complex of all antique clock movements) and re-bush, re-build & re-furbish it from the ground up (although jobs of this magnitude take much longer and cost is done on a case-by-case basis).

     We work on every type of clock, regardless of age or manufacturer.  If parts are no longer available, we can often find one in our parts archive, or even make parts from scratch.  We work on new and antique wall & mantle clocks, cuckoo clock, 400-day or anniversary clocks, grandmother, grandfather & even grand-daughter clocks.  We specialize in antiques, and no matter how bad it looks, we can usually bring it back to life.  Another specialty is cuckoo clocks.  We have a large parts arsenal, and have worked on every type of 1-day, 8-day, musical & cuckoo-quail clock made, having serviced over 2,000 since we opened the shop.  We have also worked on over 5,000 modern and antique clocks, installed over 2,500 battery movements (both chiming and non-chiming), and have performed over 3,000 service calls on grandfather & grandmother clocks. 

     Another nugget we are very proud of is our low complaint ratio.  Since our beginning in 1978, we have only had 3 written complaints.  All 3 were resolved, but more importantly (with over 10,000 customers) that gives us a complaint ratio of only 0.0003%, which is incredible!

     Here at our shop, we believe that if we can’t fix it (which is rare), the customer shouldn’t have to pay for the actual shop time, regardless of the hours & we’ve invested.  If we’re working on a troublesome rare piece and have over 30 hours of & time put into it, but can’t get it to work properly, the customer gets it back at the base charge of $50.00 + parts and nothing else, period.

     We are also very proud of our warranty.  Unless otherwise noted on the repair, every thing we fix leaves the shop with a 1-year warranty, with the exception for parts not replaced, mainsprings (which are 30 days), or customer abuse.  We even offer an optional 10 year warranty on all major jobs.

     Dr. Time’s Clock Repair is your complete 1-stop shop for all of your repair needs.  If you call us and get the answer machine, there’s a good reason. We ask that you please leave a message as we are often working on a delicate repair.  We return calls twice a day so please speak clearly and repeat your phone number twice. You can also find several helpful videos on YouTube! Here are a few links: "Putting your clock in beat" https://youtu.be/FN2ssq05HGA "Antique Clock Overhaul Part 1" https://youtu.be/fir2GNjGEyk "Antique Clock Overhaul Part 2" https://youtu.be/hELQPFy4qRo "Antique Clock Overhaul Part 3" https://youtu.be/3IBkugfyaN8 "Antique Clock Overhaul Part 3" https://youtu.be/TaGzzMz5XYs

     We thank you for considering Dr. Times Clock Repair, and we promise to give you the highest level of service just like our past customers have come to expect and enjoy.