We want you to feel comfortable shipping us your repair, but would ask that you please call us first so we can describe to you the best way to pack it for shipment.  Clocks are fragile, but if you take a couple of simple precautions your clock will ship comfortably & safely.  We can also advise you on insurance amounts.  If you have access to a digital camera and can e-mail us a picture of the clock, we can be more precise in our instructions.  E-mail address: 

Some shipping basics include:

1.     Remove the pendulum, but make sure to include it with the clock

2.     Remove the weights, but make sure to include them with the clock

3.     Do NOT include the key or any instruction manuals or pamphlets

4.     Remove ant decorative finials or other wood or brass accent pieces which easily unscrew and do NOT include them

5.     If there is a glass door which is easily removable by unscrewing it from its hinges or the hinges from the clock, remove it and do NOT include it with the shipment.

6.     If there is anything else fragile which is easily removable, please keep it at home so as to reduce the risk of breaking in shipment.

7.     If you have an antique which is extremely fragile, in a cast iron or marble case, or is a very large clock, you can save a lot of money in shipping by removing the movement and just sending me the works (the movement), the hands, the pendulum along with any weights ONLY.  There is no need to ship the cabinet, and this is true on all clocks.  Most movements are easily removed by 1. Removing the hands & washer, pin or nut and placing them in a zip-lock bag; 2. Removing the dial; 3. Removing the 4 to 8 screws which usually hold the movement in place either accessible just under the dial on the 4 corners of the movement or from the back of the clock if it has a removable cover. 

8.     Use an abundance of bubble wrap & Shredded newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts.  We don%u2019t want to hear anything rattle!

Ship your repair to:

Dave Dettmann

Dr. Times Clock Repair

511 Franklin St.      
Wausau, Wisconsin 54401